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"If you feel alone, put on my music, because I'm gonna be there for you." ~Demetria Devonne Lovato
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Anonymous wrote: "This is for whichever admin wants to answer; What is your favorite and least favorite song off of all of Demi's albums?"

Dont Forget - Least-The Middle (Tbh i dont really have a least fav off this album)  Fav- La La Land or Believe in Me.

Here We Go Again - Least- U Got Nothin On Me  Fav- Everytime you lie or Catch me. 

Unbroken - Least- All Night Long  Fav- Skyscraper or Unbroken

DEMI - Least- Fire starter Fav- Nightingale, Made in the USA and Neon Lights, DEMI album is probably the one i have most favourites on :) - Lauren x

Don’t Forget: Least - Gonna Get Caught; Favorite - Until You’re Mine

HWGA: Least - Remember December; Favorite - Got Dynamite

Unbroken: Least - You’re My Only Shorty; Favorite - Lightweight, Mistake, Skyscraper 

DEMI: Least - Something That We’re Not; Favorite - Two Pieces 

-Elle <3 

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Anonymous wrote: "link to demis auction page?"

Here -  Lauren x 

There isn’t anything currently being sold though i don’t think. 

Anonymous wrote: "So I found out Demi has an auction thing on eBay where she sells her old clothing for charity. And I just found out that we're the same size in dresses!! Wish me luck for getting something(:"

Aghhh good luck!! I wish i could afford anything on that page and own something of her clothes, i hope you get something and i love seeing pics of the people who won them wearing the clothes - Lauren x